Rubber Crumb Plant Used Truck Tire Waste Car Tyre Cutting Shredder Recycling Machine Price

Description:Rubber Crumb Plant Used Truck Tire Waste Car Tyre Cutting Shredder Recycling Machine Price - China Tyre Recycling Plant and Tire Recycling Plant

Product Description

Waste tyre rubber crumb plant manufacturer, 1000kg per hour, 2000kg per hour,7000kg per hour to recycle used truck tyres car tires.

Tire recycling machines are designed to convert used tires into various materials that can be used in other products or applications. The recycling process typically involves shredding the tires into smaller pieces, then separating the various materials, such as rubber, steel, and fiber.

There are several types of tire recycling machines available, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Some common types of tire recycling machines include:

1. Tire shredders: These machines are used to shred the tires into smaller pieces that can be further processed. There are several types of shredders available, including single shaft, dual shaft, and granulators.2. Tire debeaders: These machines are used to remove the steel wires from the tires, which can then be sold as scrap metal.3. Tire cutters: These machines are used to cut the tires into smaller pieces, which can be used in various applications, such as playground surfaces, athletic fields, and road construction.4. Tire pyrolysis plants: These machines use high temperatures and a lack of oxygen to break down the tires into oil, gas, and carbon black. The oil and gas can be used as fuel, while the carbon black can be used as a filler in rubber products.5. Tire recycling systems: These machines are designed to handle the entire tire recycling process, from shredding and debeading to separating and refining the various materials.

Input sizeFirst outputSecond outputSteel wireThird outputFiberFourth output
Tyre 600mm to 1200mmTDF chip 50-100mmRubber mulch 16-30mm95%Rubber crumb 1-7mm99%Rubber powder 20-30mesh,60-80mesh

Crumb Rubber Plants produce a fine wire free rubber granulate that can be used for remanufactured rubber, floor mats, mud flaps, sporting arenas, molded products, modified asphalt and more.

Tyre recycling the whole process

Potential By products and Sizes: Tire Derived Fuel Chips (TDF)-1" -6" Nominal Chip Rubber Mulch-18 - 25 mm Mulch (After The Grater) Rubber Crumb-1 mm- 6 mm (After the Granulators) Steel Fiber Crumb Rubber Purity: 95%-99% Free of Textile. 99% Free of Steel. 99% Free of Stones and other contaminants. Steel Purity: 95%-97% Contaminant free.

Please contact us to discuss more details on basis of below 3 questions:
1) what is the size and maximum size of your waste tire?
2) what is the final size of rubber do you need?
3) capacity per hour of the plant?

Main equipments

Tyre shredder Granulator Rasper


Our Advantages

Company Profile

As the guardian of green life, Optima has been adhering to the tenet of "pursuing green fashion and embracing green life" since its establishment, and has focused on the development, production and sales of recycling equipments for more than 15 years.

Products include scrap cable recycling machines, waste tire recycling machines, radiator recycling production lines,circuit board processing production lines,hazardous waste shredding systems, shredders,crushers and other related auxiliary equipments.

Optima continues to develop green environmental protection technology, unswervingly follows the path of sustainable development, and strives to grow into a top one-stop integrated service provider in the resource recycling industry.

After Sales Service

· Key Service: one stop service, turnkey service
· Quick response: 0 email over night
· Installation and debugging: 1 or 2 engineers will be sent to customer site
· Online support: <12hr
· Video support: <12hr
· Warranty: 12months
· After-sale: life-long maintaing and technical support


Unique Selling Proposition of Optima fully automatic waste tire recycling plant line:
100% fully automatic plant line,which help you saving more man labors and minimizing the effects to the plant line by green hand workers.
98 % pure up for size reduced rubber outputs, even waste steel as the by-product, which help you selling higher quality products and earning more income.
40+ plant lines installation overseas,26 countries exported to ,which help you learning the mature experience in tire recycling business from others and investment back earlier.
24 hours everyday ready to answer from our skilled technicians,which help you ensuring to get our solves to the problems when plant line running.
20 years warranty for heavy duty machines,which help you enhancing confident to the quality and life of the machines we offering.
19 pieces of seasonal changing keeping pace with American technology for machines developing,which help you always managing the most advanced plant line in waste tires recycling industry.
12 years manufacturing experience in solid waste recycling machines,which help you constantly solving the problems during plant line working with higher efficiency.
4 types of typical and main rubber outputs from scrap tire recycling,which help you having more markets choices and budget options.
3 kinds of single machines after shredding are designed and set into all modularization,which help you freely changing output or capacity of whole plant line.
2 times heavier than others' in China means sufficient materials , which help you obtaining the more stable single machines.
1-stop procurement for tire recycling business,as well as can offer downstream machines for rubber further processing,which help you cut purchasing cost and maintaining cost as well.
1/2 cost less than USA peak suppliers,1/3 cost less than EU top suppliers,which help you getting the qualified plant line at lower cost.
1/5 accident probability by comparing with semi-automatic lines means five times safety higher ,which help you protecting the workers better and lessening labor hurt payment.
0 pollution of the whole plant line,which help you being granted the approval quickly and protecting the environment better.

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