PCB Recycling Machine / Circuit Board Shredder / Electronic Waste Recycling Equipment

Description:PCB Recycling Machine / Circuit Board Shredder / Electronic Waste Recycling Equipment - China Printed Circuit Board Recycling Plant Cost and Electronic Waste Recycling Equipment

pcb recycling machine, is also known as pcb board recycling machine, is applied to separate metals and non-metals materials, such as waste circuit boards, CCL, circuit boards, bits and pieces, cell phone boards and recovering metals and resin powder from those materials. It's not just do good to the invironment, but also can reclaim yourself rare and precious metal, such as gold, palladium, platinum, antimony and so on.
(1). Dismental: The PCB boards needs to be dismantled into base boards and electrical components first, before further recycling. The base boards is mainly made from copper and fiber resins.

(2). Recycle: After dismental, the PCB will be shredded and grinded into small particles. The metal and non-metal materials inside the boards will be separated by the air separator and electrostatic sorting system. It can reach 99% metal recycling rate.

1. The entire assembly line uses the PLC intelligent programming automatic control and man-machine interface touch screen, so that the even feeding of the entire production line and coordinated work can be realized.2. Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, noise reduction treatment of the crushing equipment. 3. The crushing part uses shredding, smashing and crushing processes, and circulating water cooling is used inside and outside the crushing chamber. 4. Use the negative pressure feeding system and pulse dust removal system to purify the working environment. 5. The sorting part adopts the proportion sorting combined with the static careful selection, so that the metal recovery rate can reach up to more than 99%.
Q1: When we establish one kind of shredder machine, can we use it to shred other materials?
A: Yes, you can. We will design the shredder machine for you as per your materials.

Q2: How to choose a suitable shredder?
A: Please tell us your raw material and what capacity you need, we will recommend you the most suitable shredder.

Q3: What About The Machine Installation?
A: For the pcb recycling machine installation, we will provide you the wire connection drawing and technical support, normally you can finish by yourself; but if you really need our technician, we will send technician to your working site as required.

Q4: How about the machine quality test?
A: We will test every machine and production line before delivery and send you the working video. You also can come to us for inspection before delivery.

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