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Description:Refrigerator Shredder Recycling Plant /Refrigerator Shredder /Refrigerator Recycling Machine - China Refrigerator Recycling Machine and Refrigerator Recycling

3E Machinery's The Waste Refrigerator Recycling Line from Guangzhou 3E Machinery Company is designed to process large volume waste refrigerators. The design for
the recycling line is unique and the separation effect is high. It has already acquired the national patent (ZL2017 1 0005788.9). It is good for environmental
protection and safety production and the output material, dust and exhaust air will be processed by individual ventilation system.

Main Parameter:
Production Capacity: 50-60 units/hour
80-100 units/Hour
metal separation rate>98%
plastic separation rate >97%
plastic contain foam rate≤1.5%
Foam contain plastic rate≤3%
1. Low power consumption. The separation and crushing
for foam will be finished by high pressure hammer blower
which is self-developed patented equipment.
2. metal density ≥0.8T/M3 the output size of crushed
material is average and separation effect is good.
3. Foam volume reduction rate1:8 reduce the volume by
hydraulic pressure, the foam will not get heat avoiding fire risk.
4. It is very suitable for recycle large volume refrigerator and
freezer and separate most part cables automatically.
5.Unique design with national patent (ZL2017 1 0005788.9).

    Production feature :

    • Capacity :500-2000kg/h

    • Application range:Disposal of waste power lithium battery, mobile phone lithium battery, electrode

    Safety production:
    1.It is good for environmental protection and safety production
    because the output material, dust and exhaust will be processed
    by individual ventilation system.
    2.Equipping with nitrogen generator and could make sure to
    avoid flash explosion due to the alkenes gas accumulate at
    the two shaft shredder operation.
    3. Equipped with flammable gas detector and designed with
    fire detection alarm, spray and automatic shutdown equipment
    and other safety settings.
    4. It could meet the customer's requirement to reach remote
    monitoring and it is easy to running and maintenance.


    3E MACHINERY was awarded 18utility model patents and 3 invention patents.

    Our service1.Pre-sale support
    l 3E Machinery consists of experienced specialists, we will offer a suitable solution according client's requirement in time.
    l On-site inspection.
    2. After-sale service
    l 3E's skilled technicians are available to assist with onsite installation, commissioning & training on request. This will enable customers to optimize the performance of their new plant. Customers will be briefed on all aspects relating to operation and maintenance by a 3E technician. Dimensional drawings together with service requirements will be provided prior to delivery of the equipment. This will allow the customer to prepare the site and allow them to commence production in a timely fashion.
    l 3E holds a adequately inventory of spare parts and their efficient service personnel will ensure that any required part will be dispatched without delay. Delivery of the spare parts may be by air, sea or courier depending on the urgency of the situation. Customers are encouraged to hold their own critical spare parts such as granulator blades and screens to ensure optimal machine condition and performance.
    3. Technical support
    l 3E provides enough hardware resource especially for large-scale production lines, clients can carry out installation, commissioning and acceptance before delivery.
    l Regular return visit.

    Advanced production and testing equipments

    3E MACHINERY equipped with advanced processing and testing equipments, in order to ensure the quality of the products. And strictly control the quality of each parts, efforts to provide the best quality products to our clients.

    Company profile

    3E GROUP is an integrated company specialized in developing, manufacturing, distributing and providing recycling machinery solutions. Our main entity " Guangzhou 3E Machinery CO. Ltd" founded in 2003, has currently become focusing on "Shredding" and "Recycling industry" modern enterprise.
    Technology is the core-competitiveness of 3E Group, we are active in the recycling market and keep cooperating with well-known enterprises in Europe and the USA. Meanwhile, 3E Group keeps on improving and innovating, so far, we awarded 18utility model patents and 3 invention patents.
    "Efficient Economical & Environmental" is the traditional idea of 3E Group. With its own intellectual property and solid technological team, our products have been already sold to over 90 regions and countries which include the USA, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Middle East.

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