Car, Can, Bike, Motorcycle Metal Scrap Steel Crusher Shredder

Description:Car, Can, Bike, Motorcycle Metal Scrap Steel Crusher Shredder - China Shredder and Crusher


Principles and uses.
Crusher line its use the principle of hammered in high speed, torque motor, driven by the host on the rotor hammer head take turns to hit into the lumen of crushing, through space formed between the plate and the hammer head, to be broken apart into accord with specifications of the broken things, again under the action of magnetic equipment, can get high quality crushing material purity.
This production line is used for processing waste motor rotor, waste car body, tinplate, household appliance products, bicycle, empty tank, etc., so as to make it a superior steel material.The machine is continuously crushed, the coating film is removed, the volume proportion is increased, the electric furnace is prevented from explosion, and the metal rate is increased under certain conditions.

NO.ModelFeeding size(m)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Transformer
12001.43-5200low voltage
22501.44-6250low voltage
32801.65-7280low voltage
43151.66-8315low voltage
54501.68-12450high voltage
67501.813-18750high voltage
79002.218-25900high voltage
812002.220-301200high voltage
920002.545-651600high voltage
1030002.655-802250high voltage
1140002.760-802950high voltage
1245002.790-1003300high voltage
1360002.880-1004400high voltage
Feeding1.6m Crusher base1set
Chain belt conveyor1set 16mCrusher rotor1set
Discharging conveyor1set 8mHydraulic maintenance station1set
Discharging conveyor1set 8mHammer head1set10pcs,36kg/piece,
material:high manganese alloy
Waste conveyor1set 6mBottom screen1set6pcs,material:high manganese alloy
Note:capacity of crushing car shell 6-8t/h
Independent magnetic separation1setElectric cabinet1set
Vibrating screen1setTransmission shaft1set
Different materials discharging system1setDeceleration system1set
Main frame1set(steel deepth50)Dust-remover system1set of cyclone dust remover,1set of bag dust remover
Forced feeder1setMain motor(base)315kw
1.what is the raw material do you want to process?
Like: waste car,can,metal,etc.
2.what is the capacity per hour do you need?
Like:20 t/h,etc.
3.what is the raw material input size?

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