Waste Metal Treatment Equipment

Description:Waste Metal Treatment Equipment - China Shredder and Solid Waste Treatment Equipment

My company's production of new shredding machine plate hammer is bottom-up to hit the input material, and throw it to the top of the counter plate; And the hammer shredding machine hammer head along the direction of the material falling to hit the material. In order to ensure that the shredding machine better in the production of continuous operation, continue the service life of the equipment, users should often carry out maintenance and maintenance. After the new machine is put into operation, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection on the counterattack broken at the end of each shift, and carry out a comprehensive inspection on the counterattack broken motor and lubrication after weekly operation. The contents of the inspection include the fastening condition of the fixed parts, belt drive, bearing seal, counterattack liner, liner wear condition for full placement inspection, and establish a regular maintenance and replacement system according to the maintenance cycle.
modelRLKS-201909120006typeShredderEquipment No09120006
brandRui LexEquipment modelRLKS-400application areaplastic,tire and rubber
Feed size100(mm)Discharge size50(mm)productivity1000(kg/h)
consume power300(kw)weight500(kg)Motor power400
Crushing degreeCoarse crusherDrive modeElectricMaximum feed inlet1000mm
Processing materialsplastic,tire and rubber

Shredding machine equipment features:
  1. Conveyor belt feeding equipment can be configured. 2, shredding machine blade adopts meshing blade, blade is made of high alloy refining, very tough, can be said to be cut iron. 3, the new shredding machine equipment is simple to operate, the whole processing program a person can operate a shredding machine equipment. 4, strong shredding machine equipment fuselage structure, dense stiffening plate, to ensure that the fuselage strong. 5, shredding machine equipment configuration, aluminum and iron together crushing can be effectively separated. 6, reduction motor drive. 7, the new shredding machine equipment starts smoothly without too much noise.
Shredding machine is mainly used for crushing iron drum, paint cans, beverage cans, all kinds of metal cans and so on these iron, aluminum packaging bottles and cans. At the same time, it can also be the ideal shape of scrap copper pipe, scrap bicycle, scrap motorcycle, scrap car, aluminum plastic scraps, scrap furniture, waste electrical appliances, rubber tire press block and so on. People's living standards gradually improve, more and more household garbage, in order to make the waste recycling, rui lex specially launched a variety of new models of shredding machine.

All-steel welded fuselage
The integral case is processed by heat treatment and high-precision machine tool, with high mechanical strength and precision, not easy to deform, stronger bearing capacity and longer service life.
The main shaft is made of high-strength alloy, which has high mechanical strength and precision, is not easy to deform, and has stronger bearing capacity.
The equipment can handle the solid waste materials in the following pictures.
Customize the process and contact us to help you solve the problem of solid waste treatment.

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