Engine Silencers for Industrial Engines Sound and Noise Reduction Equipment

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Engine silencers for industrial engines Sound and noise reduction equipment
Product Description

One.blowpipe muffler
With the rapid development of power industry and the increasing number of boiler units in power plants, 300-1000MW units will become the main unit in the future. Before the thermal units are installed or restored and put into operation, in order to ensure the safe and economic operation of the units, steam blowing must be carried out to remove the rust, welding slag and other industrial wastes in the pipes of superheater and reheater systems. In order to completely remove the impurities in the pipeline system, the number of pipe blowing is as many as dozens or even hundreds, and it lasts for several days or longer.
When blowing a pipe, the powerful steam turbulence noise is the aerodynamic noise with high sound level caused by the high-speed air jet from the nozzle, which impacts and shears the surrounding static air, causing severe gas disturbance near the nozzle. The noise value is as high as 130dB(A) and above.

The larger the unit capacity, the greater the aerodynamic noise, and its jet noise is continuous mid-high frequency band noise, which seriously affects the life, work and study of residents in the surrounding area of more than ten square kilometers. In order to eliminate the serious noise hazard caused by unit blowing, it is necessary to install a blowing muffler at the end of the blowing pipe. For the blow pipe muffler, it can be regarded as an integral part of the pipeline. After acoustic treatment inside, it can weaken the generation and spread of noise, and it is an effective noise reduction equipment to solve the serious noise harm caused by the blow pipe of the above units.

The complexity of the blowpipe pipeline makes it a complicated problem to determine the steam parameters in the pipeline system. In addition, the steam velocity in the pipeline is very high, and the high-speed airflow contains a lot of rust, welding slag and other industrial garbage. In order to achieve a certain noise reduction effect, the design and manufacture of the muffler are required.
After years of research and practical production experience, the blow pipe muffler produced by our company is a mature product and has obtained the national patent (patent number; 201520536437.7).
It can withstand the violent impact of various industrial wastes and discharge them smoothly.

Two.Main technical features
(1)The noise reduction can reach 25dB-30dB(A).
(2) It can withstand the violent impact of various industrial wastes and be discharged smoothly, and it can work normally under harsh working conditions without affecting the steam flow of the blowing pipeline.
(3) It can be applied to a variety of pipe blowing methods, such as pressure-stabilizing pipe blowing, pressure-reducing pipe blowing and oxygen-adding pipe blowing.
(4) Convenient installation (generally, horizontal installation of specific foundation is required), and pipe blowing is divided into indoor and outdoor.
(5) The support of the muffler shell and the connecting parts with the shell have sufficient rigidity and strength, and the structural design is reasonable, and can bear various additional forces such as exhaust reaction, thermal expansion thrust, torque and vibration force caused by high-speed airflow with impurities. Three.Introduction of a common (JSTC) blowpipe silencer
The ordinary blow pipe muffler is from the front of the elbow as the exhaust port, and the structural form is shown in Fig. The boiler blowpipe passes through the intake port, and the steam flow is controlled by the flow control tube, and the sound is effectively silenced through the internal noise elimination device, and the debris is discharged through the sewage outlet. It is suitable for blowing pipe and muffling effect.
Installation method: support fixed installation.

FOUR. Introduction of Box Blowpipe (JSTX) Muffler
Box-type blow pipe muffler is a patented muffler developed by our company (patent number; 201520536437.7), based on the tubular muffler, the second-stage muffler and the upper muffler fence are added, and a layer of shell is added, which not only improves the muffler effect, but also greatly improves the safety performance of the muffler. Principle: After the steam passes through the flow control and pressure control, it is depressurized by the internal secondary muffler, and a plurality of air streams are effectively silenced by the side sound absorption device.It is suitable for places with high requirements for sound elimination effect of blowing pipe.
(1) Good noise elimination effect;

(2) Low resistance and high safety.
(3) Convenient installation and long service life.

FIVE.Selection Guide
Lianyungang Jiusheng muffler model description:

Ordering parameters of blow pipe muffler: 1.Interface size (mm)
2.Interface wall thickness (mm)
3.Working pressure (MPa)
4.Working temperature (ºC)
5.Flow (t/h)
6.Connection mode (welding/flange connection)

Annex: Noise meters for thermal power plants
Sound wavesNoise sources
130High Pressure and Above Boiler Exhaust
125High and medium pressure boiler exhaust air discharge
120Medium and low pressure boiler exhaust air, backpressure steam turbine exhaust air;Large ball grinder
115Boilers are regularly discharged
120Backpressure steam turbine backpressure exhaust air; The big blowers come in,Diesel generators
105High pressure deoxygenator exhaust steam, high and medium pressure steam turbine start to stop hydrophobic exhaust steam;
Boiler continuous discharge, large generator magnet inlet.
100Exhaust type exhaust exhaust; Steamwheel oil pump exhaust; Ventilation of large generators;
Next to a large blower
95Engine room operating layer; Large small pump room; Medium motor
90Auto room zero meter layer; Medium Water Pumping Room
Detailed Photos

Product Parameters
Mufflers for boiler installations
(swallow steam muffler, worm furnace ignition muffler, safety valve exhaust muffler, turbine exhaust muffler, etc.)
ModelFlow rateWork stressDimensionsConnection diameterWeight
(t/H) (Mpa)LDDNKg
JS 32/2.551.70--2.505802603230
JS 80/3.3020132057080165
Note: (1) A few examples of technical specifications are given for reference
(2)To order, please provide: gas medium. Pipe diameter. Working pressure. Flow rate

Company ProfileLianyungang Jiusheng Electric Power Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltd.

a national high-tech enterprise, is located at the foot of Jinping Mountain and beside the Qiangwei River. The factory is located in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, the intersection of the the Belt and Road, and the east bridgehead of the Eurasian Continental Bridge.

It is adjacent to the 5A scenic spot of Huaguo Mountain and Liu Zhizhou Sports Park.

It is 5 kilometers away from the entrance and exit of the expressway, 13 kilometers away from the airport, and 36 kilometers away from the port.

It has convenient transportation by land, sea and air.

The company was founded in 2012 with a registered capital of 51 million yuan and an area of 20,000 square meters. It has 6 standardized industrial plants, supporting office areas, living quarters and finished goods yards, with a building area of about 11,000 square meters.

Our Advantages Jiusheng Company has honed a sword for ten years, casting the soul of the enterprise with the spirit of craftsman.

Under the careful creation of Chairman Xie Qizhi, it has grown into a well-known enterprise in the domestic power auxiliary machinery industry.

It integrates the design, production and sales of electric auxiliary machinery, pressure vessels, chemical equipment and pipeline engineering installation services.

It has the qualification of designing & manufacturing
D1 and D2 level pressure vessel , and the qualificaton of GB2 and GC2 pipeline engineering installation.
It passedISO9001 international quality system,ISO14001 environmental health management system, ISO45001 occupational health management system certification in the industry, and also owns Madrid international trademark and product import and export qualification.

It has certain manufacturing experience in American standard and European standard pressure vessels and other products and has been recognized as a qualified supplier by more than 10 central enterprises in the industry, including CNNC, Sinopec, PetroChina, Huadian, Huaneng, China Resources, China Railway, China Energy Construction, China Power Construction, Guoneng, Everbright, etc.

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