Chinese Manufacture Process Rubber Scrap Tires Processing Machine Tyre Recycling Equipment Price Waste Rubber Tire Shredder

Description:Chinese Manufacture Process Rubber Scrap Tires Processing Machine Tyre Recycling Equipment Price Waste Rubber Tire Shredder - China Shredder and Crusher

Product Description

The waste tire crushing and recycling production line is for sorting the rubber, steel wire, and fiber inside the tire at normal temperature, achieving 100% recycling and reusing.This production line will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

The waste tire recycling production line can be designed according to customer requirements, recycling tires within the diameter range of 400-3000mm, with strong applicability. The discharge size can be controlled within the range of 5-100mm, and the output can reach 200-10000kg/h.

The production line adopts a PLC control system, which is easy to operate and maintain, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption and long service life.

Product Parameters
Double-shaft shredderCrush waste tires of various sizes, using high alloy steel imported from Europe as cutting tools, with a detachable and interchangeable double row knife structure design to improve tool utilization rate
Steel wire separatorCut the rubber block through moving knife and fixed knife,Qualified rubber particles and steel wires are discharged through the sieve
ConveyorThe material surface of the rack has undergone rust removal treatment
Magnetic separatorThe type of magnetic separator is permanent magnet self dumping type, which can effectively screen the separated steel wire.
Vibrating screenSeparate the steel wire from the large rubber block/steel wire through vibration
Electronic control systemThe main control cabinet and control platform are independent of each other, and the design of touch screen and button control mode enables operation,The control interface is more user-friendly and easy to operate
Company Profile

Qingdao LongyuanBaihong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has taken the recycling of waste resources and the creation of a green ecological environment as its own responsibility. Our company mainly produces fully automatic waste tires, waste rubber, waste plastic, and oil sludge cracking equipment. At the same time, our company integrates front-end processing, mid end cracking equipment, and back-end carbon black grinding and granulation, research and development and manufacturing, connecting the entire production chain to achieve low energy consumption, full intelligence, truly achieving the intelligent, green, and environmentally friendly resource reuse of waste tires through cracking, "eating, drying, and squeezing".


Packaging & Shipping


Q: Why Choose Us?

1). We are manufacturer with own factory for many years with CE Certification

2). With professional design and sales team, we can serve you perfect solution with competitive direct factory price.

3). Our machines are popular among customers around the world ( India, Pakistan, Spain, Italy, Korea, Mexico, UK etc).

Q: What Is Our Service?

Pre-Sale Service

According to the customers' special requirements,we provide the most suitable project design, process design and the purchase program. Guide customers to choose the best and economical plant, recover investment within short time.

Sales Service

You are welcome to visit our factory to test the machine. And we will customize the equipment strictly according to your special requirements and arrange the timely delivery.

After-Sale Service

We will provide one year warranty for our machine.According to your need,we will dispatch our engineers to your factory to guide the installation,commissioning

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