LANPWR D5-2500 Portable Power Station 2500W 2160Wh Solar Generator

Description:Plug & Play home backup solution2160Wh capacity, maximum 2500W Load Power13 outlets for 99% appliancesIncredible Fast Charge, AC charging 1.6 hours to full chargeLong-lasting LifePo4 battery supports

Plug & Play home backup solution 2160Wh capacity, maximum 2500W Load Power 13 outlets for 99% appliances Incredible Fast Charge, AC charging 1.6 hours to full charge Long-lasting LifePo4 battery supports up to 10 years Specs of LANPWR S2500 2500W Portable Power Station Item Standards Max Remark Battery Type 45AH --- LiFePO4,14 series 3 parallel single 15AH Rated Voltage 44.8V --- 14s Battery Capacity 2016WH --- Depends on the capacity of a single cell Rated Output Power 2500W Input Voltage Range 100V 110V Input Frequency Range 50HZ 63HZ Under frequency stop charging Input Surge Current 20A Constant Charging Power 1300W 1500W Charging Power Switching 1300W Charging Cut-off Power 70W UPS Mode Load <2000W long-term work UPS mode load load < 2000W, long-term work, and continuous 100W charging, switching time 10MS EPS Mode Load <2500W long-term work EPS mode load load < 2500W long-term work, total input ≤ 1500W.
When the load power is 1000W, the charging power is 500W USB-A Output USB-A QC3.0 *3:
5V, 3.37A;
12V,1.5A 18W Max per port USB-C Output PD100W*3:
20V, 5A 100W Max per port PPS output voltage range 20V Car Charging Support 12V charging current is 10A, over 15V, charging current is 20A MPPT Solar Charging Support Supports up to 700W solar charging Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave Rated resistive load AC Charging and Discharging Support Overload Protection 2650W 2700W When the output is overloaded, it will work for about 5 seconds, and the buzzer will stop to prompt a continuous alarm sound and the screen will display 50 seconds automatic shutdown Fan on Temperature 60℃ 65℃ After the temperature of the heat sink reaches this range, turn on the fan and the screen will display Fan off Temperature 45℃ 50℃ After the heat sink temperature reaches this range, turn off the fan Charging Power Error 5% 7% The error is too large and needs to be controlled within 3% Discharge Power Error


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